Shorty's Pizza




$6.50              Chickpea hummus 2013, “pitzza bread”
$6.75              Guacamole mashed to order with pico de gallo
$7.50    GF     Spaghetti squash salad with aged ricotta and toasted walnuts
$7.95    GF     Beet salad, “urnge” dressing, arugula, goat sheese, walnuts
$9.75              Charleston style lump crab cakes, red pepper remoulade


Small    Large
$4.75    $8.25     GF     “Crib” salad with “crib” dressing
$5.95    $9.50               Caesar salad with garlic croutons and white anchovies
$6.50    $9.75     GF     Shorty’s chef salad, house smoked turkey breast, ham French dressing
$6.75    $9.95     GF     Old school Greek salad on romaine lettuce
$6.95    $10.50   GF     Rocket salad with lemon oil and shaved parmesan


$8.50      Roasted vegetable sandwich with buffalo mozzarella & basil
$8.95      Dill and walnut chicken salad melt with provolone cheese
$9.50      House smoked turkey club sandwich, cole slaw, house pickles
$9.75      Guantanamo Bay sandwich – shorty’s Cubano – still open for business
$10.50    Roasted chicken & pesto sandwich, herbed tomato, goat cheese, arugula
$9.25      “The Niner” – shorty’ 9oz house ground chuck burger*
A.Q.        Gourmet burger, concocted daily, sassy toppings*


$8.95     GF      Shorty’s chopped salad with hearts of palm, ranch dressing
$9.25     GF      Romaine lettuce cobb salad, mustard balsamic vinaigrette
$9.50                Roasted falafel, “pittza bread”, Mediterranean salad
$9.95     GF      Cheeseburger salad – any cheese, crib or “CZR” salad*
$11.95              S.Carolina style bbq chicken salad, bacon, corn, onions, croutons
$14.95   GF      Blackened 6oz sirloin steak, romaine lettuce, red onion, blue cheese*
$15.95   GF      Cedar planked salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus*
A.Q.                Shorty’s fajitas – your server should have already told you about these


$5.50     Kosher pig in a blanket with mustard and ketchup
$5.50     Krabby patty with cold crunchy baby carrots, ranch dressing*
$5.50     Chicken and/or cheese quesadilla


$6.95     Warm chocolate chip cookies (2)
$8.95     Key Lime Pie enough for 2 or more
$7.95     Apple pizza
$7.50     S’mores pizza

GF – Gluten Free

*  Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.